Timothy Magnus

My drive is sharing my love for the great wines and terroirs of Burgundy.
Wine and me: What started as a hobby almost three decades ago in Australia, soon became a job and from there grew into an ever-increasing passion for Burgundy. Today, holding the titles of “Weinakademiker” and “Bourgogne Wine Ambassador”, I gladly share this passion with you: Exclusive wines from handpicked producers, events, workshops and more.

Let’s raise a glass.

Our Promises

Our promises are not extraordinary, but they are genuine.
Magnus Vinum retails a selection of wines direct-imported from Burgundy. I’ve spent a lot of time exploring this fascinating region sourcing great wines. I have also become friends with the new generation of young, talented winemakers who are the stars of tomorrow.

Magnus Vinum also runs seminars, almost exclusively about the Burgundy wine region. I’ve been teaching wine courses since 2011 and so far, it’s been a joyful quest to master the art of teaching wine. Though I know this challenge will never end, I have designed unique courses based on my experiences.

Seminars are limited to 23 participants to create a more personal experience. The intimate atmosphere allows better interaction within the class and greater understanding of the nuances of these great wines.

My goal is to inspire, high quality is a must! Seminars become much more engaging with high quality wines. This is true not only for the class but also for me. Great wines awaken our senses with subtle and complex aromas and flavours.

No tricks, just a passion for quality delivered honestly with great wines.
Simple really!

Our Wines

The true soul of Burgundy is expressed by wines and producers who accurately express the underlying terroirs with honesty and clarity.
My greatest aspiration is to make your life a little more delicious with a glass of Burgundy wine. Let’s raise a glass.


Choose your wine experience!
Designed to educate and delight, our one evening workshops focus on a specific wine theme.


Monday, October 29, 2018
Restaurant Hopfenau19:00 - 22:00
Restaurant Hopfenau Hopfenstrasse 19 Zürich, Zürich 8045 Switzerland


Passion is very important, but so is competence.

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